Making Perfect Belt for Timbs.

Step 1.  Prepare Working Space and Materials

  1. Unbox Mancraft DIY Leather Belt Kit.
  2. Prepare tools that you would need (not provided in the kit): Hammer, Flat Screw Driver and Xacto knife or scissors
  3. Order in advance Fiebings Royal Blue Oil Dye 118ml (Amazon or Ebay)
  4. Prepare your space protecting working surfaces as you would be using paint.


Step 2. Painting Leather Parts

  1. Clean up leather strap, buckle holder and loop with a soft dry cloth
  2. Apply Fiebings Oil Dye with provided applicator on both sides of all leather parts.
  3. After dyeing is complete leave Leather parts for 45 minutes for drying.


Step 3. Sealing painted leather parts

  1. Once the dye is dried doublecheck the parts, apply more dye if required
  2. Apply Sealant on the front side of all leather parts

Step 4. Assemble the belt

  1. With hole punch  measure and punch the holes in leather strap and belt loop.
    1. Assemble the belt as shown below with flat screw driver.


Go celebrate!

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